Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's getting to the point where all I hear is, "Oh the last few weeks are THE WORST!"
I feel like the pregnancy has been pretty easy. Yes I'm emotional on occasion (especially lately with the swelling, it's depressing).
Yes I am still swelling and haven't found ANYTHING that really works. (I know I'm supposed to put my feet up whenever possible but, that is hard for me! I'm not one to go home and just sit. I want to get stuff done around the house. Make dinner, do dishes, and stay caught up on laundry.) 
And yes, even though I try my darndest, I still waddle when I walk.
Welp. Joys of pregnancy.
However, I feel like I've done pretty good to keep it to myself (except for all you lovely readers get to listen to read about me gripe about it on here) and I have tried to keep positive. So far, so good.
But from what I hear...the last few weeks are the worst.
Here are some things I am complaining about lately, try as I might not to...
-I have a hard time sleeping comfortably at night. Yes I do have a six foot husband and a dog that probably weighs nearly as much as me, which leaves this growing body little room, but still. I have found I can no longer toss and turn. It's just too hard! I have to toss, take a breather, then turn and hope I land in a comfortable position or else I'll have to lay awake and catch my breath before I can try again!
-I have always had a hard time texting on touch screens. I don't know if it's my chubby little fingers or what, but it's always been slightly annoying. However, now it's worse. My fingers are so swollen they don't cooperate. I am constantly sending texts that make no sense at all. If you are on the receiving end, I apologize!
-I hate telling people when I'm due. Even though to me it feels like it's really soon and I'm almost there, I know people are expecting me to say, "Any day now!" And they get this poor girl look on their face when I tell them I'm still a month away. Yes I'm pretty huge, that happens when you are short and your poor baby has no room to grow except for straight out in all directions. And yes, the heat is killer especially the last few weeks. So. I've. Heard.
But even with those slight and highly annoying little downfalls, I am so thrilled. It's getting closer and it's feeling more real. I guess it probably should have felt real by now but I mean really real. Like I'm ready. The carseat is already buckled in, stroller in the back of the car, and diaper bag packed. If she came today (please don't though) I wouldn't panic. Ok that's a lie. No matter how ready I am, I just KNOW the day will come and I'll say, "Nope! Not ready!" And I'll be squeezing every muscle I have to try and keep her in.
There are things I'm going to miss. I'm going to miss feeling her move, and lately, watching her move. It's so surreal to me to see my stomach just completely shift with her movements. I'm going to miss having pregnancy as an excuse to eat sweet and to eat more. But as soon as she comes, no more! I'm going to miss the special treatment. I'm horrible. But I love that my loved ones are willing to make me dinner without me even asking. I'm going to miss them telling me, "I'll do it! You put your feet up!" Yeah, I'll miss that relaxation.
At the same time, there are things I look forward to. I can't wait to wear my wedding ring again! As soon as I lose the water weight (and maybe a little extra weight) I'll be able to wear it again! I've felt so naked the past month and half not wearing it. I can't wait to wear my regular clothes! There are a lot of outfits I miss wearing. Oh and don't get me started on shoes. Ok I'm started. I can't wait to wear my shoes again! Right now I have one pair of flip flops that fit and even then, it's barely. I can't wait to wear my flats and my heels. I can't wait for that! Personally, I think I deserve a NEW pair of shoes once the swelling is gone just because of having to go so long wearing the same pair of flip flops!
Well, now that I've talked your ear off...eyes off?'s a few pictures!
(Her room is still not 100%. Still need crib bedding, a changing table pad, and handles on her dresser. So I'm going to try my hardest to be patient and not show you any more until it is DONE.)
Here is me at nearly 36 weeks:

Now wipe that poor girl look off your face. I'm fine! Even with the whale status that is my body.
And here is a picture of Baby Z with her foot in her ear. Not sure where she gets her flexibility.
And here is a lovely quote on pregnancy. (Even though it's more for early pregnancy, it's still beautiful.)

Someone mentioned to me the other day that Michael talks so highly of me and how well I handle pregnancy. Little does he know. You see, his schedule requires him to work nights. Well, nights are the worst for me. That's when I am the most emotional. I've been on my feet all day, I'm the most swollen, and I'm tired. That's usually when I break down. So my Great Dane steps in. He's so sweet, he'll rest his head on my lap or come lay right up next to me when I'm sad. And he can usually tell.

 Oh how I love to hug and cuddle my Great Dane when I am having a hard time keeping calm =]

 More posts to come, of course the nursery post and my baby shower post so keep readin for those!

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  1. You are doing great! I know it's hard now, but just think in a month you can actually hold her, not just hold your belly! I love you and I know you can do this! Just hang in there one more month! Rob works nights too and I am the same way, more emotional at night. If you ever need to call and be emotional, don't hesitate to call me!