Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey everyone!
Hope everyone is having a good week! 
I am but mostly because tomorrow is my Friday and it's only half a day! I have a fun 4 day weekend planned!

Now here's an update on me and baby and baby bump:

This is me at a whopping 32 weeks!
I went to the Dr. yesterday and he thinks I'll probably go 39 weeks!
I haven't had any blood pressure problems, or any contractions yet, so that's why he thinks I'll go clear up to at least week 39.
Yikes. It makes me nervous thinking I have 8 possibly 7 weeks left!
And sooo much to do!

Well as for me, I must admit, I try soooo hard not to complain.
I know there are people that would do ANYTHING to be pregnant even with all the downfalls of it. And I have been lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy. But let me tell you, this whole feet and hand swelling thing is NO BUENO!
I am HATING looking down and seeing this:

Oh hello Flinstone feet!
Uck I just cry looking at this picture. I am so miserable. 
My shoes don't fit, even flip flops leave indents on my fat feet.
I wore a cute skirt and some leggings to work today but had to change on my lunch because even the leggings were just digging into my leg and leaving indents. Ew. 

Here is what I have heard helps:
-lots of water (I feel like I drink so much, but I'll increase!)
-elevate feet (this one I have a hard time with because I can't prop them up at work and then when I get home I usually have dinner to cook and dishes to do and other things to get done that require me to be on my feet)
-bananas, watermelon and pineapple
-swimming (I think I'll start going to the nat with Michael on Mondays and swim while he plays basketball if anyone wants to join me!)
-grapefruit oils in my water
-compression socks
-magnesium supplements

Trust me, I'll be trying ALL of these because I am that desperate! But if anyone has anything else that helped them, I'm all ears!

As for my little list I did get one thing ALL done:

Oooh it just turned out so cute! I am in love with it! Thanks to my mom for doing the cushions and adding those buttons! She did such a good job and I just can't wait to rock Z in it!

As for everything else, I have been told by the dr no more painting...big frownie face :(
Michael is willing to do it and I'm sure I could recruit family but honestly I wanna do it so it gets done how I envision it so I may have to resort to getting a mask with ventilators in it.

This entertainment center needs to be painted and
transformed into a wardrobe.
And this dresser needs fixin (which Michael will do) and
a fresh new paint job.
Wish me luck in getting all of this done in time and if anyone wants to help, I'm ok with that!

As you can kind of see in the background of that picture, everything is just piled in her room. I can't tell you how many times I reorganize those piles just so I feel like I have accomplished something!

Once again, wish me luck!

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