Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Story of Our Missing Pups

I finally got up the courage to write about what happened with our puppies so here it is...

We had been struggling with our pups all summer getting out but couldn't afford to make the necessary fixes to our fence. So we started to lock them in and only let them out a couple of times to go potty. Well they didn't like that very much and they started to go potty inside. Even though they knew it was wrong and they were getting potty breaks enough times a day. I don't know what it was but they were being brats. Finally we decided enough is enough and we broke down and bought the supplies to build a built in kennel. Michael spent all weekend building that kennel. The next day they broke it and got loose. The dog catcher brought them back to us. Michael fixed the kennel where it had been broken and we tried again. The next day they found a way to dig under the gate and got loose. This time we weren't so lucky. They were last seen on 1100 S. heading towards the freeway. They had tags on and someone ALWAYS calls so I guess that's what we banked on. But Michael called in from work and we spent any spare time we had, looking for the dogs. We couldn't believe that this time no one called. We got the word out. It was on facebook, I put an ad on KSL, and on the bulletins at nearby vets and animal shelters. I even called as far as Ogden to see if they had been picked up and dropped off or something like that. The dog catcher believes someone picked them up and kept them. And we chose to believe that too. We didn't want to believe that they had gotten killed. Though we did have people check the sides of the roads for us. I wouldn't have been able to handle it if I found their bodies. Writing this is so hard. I am still so devastated. How could someone just pick them up and not call the phone number on their tags? Couldn't they tell that they would have been deeply missed?! I think the hardest part is the unknown. Are they still together? Are they being taken care of? Are they happy? Are they even still alive? A part of me feels extremely guilty. Like, I had to have been the worst owner ever for them to want to get out so badly. I didn't give them near enough attention. And though I loved them like part of the family, they must not have felt that love. I know that's probably not the case and most dogs are just naturally curious and that is why they got out, but it's impossible to keep those thoughts out of your mind. The first few days without them were tough. I swore to myself and to Michael that I never wanted another dog. Ever. I couldn't bear the heartache we have been through losing 3 dogs in a year. I checked KSL every day hoping someone responded to my ad or someone else posted a "found" ad. Never any luck. We had a few false alarm calls. About 3 of them, so I knew the word was out and if people saw even one black lab, we got a call hoping that at least one of them could come home to us. Never such luck. A couple weeks went by and Michael's parents moved out into their own place so now I was really ALONE at night while Michael was at work. I realized the heartache of not having a companion at night was constant and I was ready to talk about getting a new puppy. So, I brought it up with Michael and he agreed. He wanted me to have a companion at night too. I thought about a rescue, a small lap dog, a girl for a change...then Michael mentioned he wanted a Great Dane someday. He had one in High School and we just loved her but had to give her to a loving home when the house we were renting didn't allow pets. So I told him we could save up (they're expensive) and maybe get one for Christmas. I was still checking KSL nearly every day and I started checking at dogs for sale. I found an ad for Great Danes at a great price but they were in Cedar City. Oh well, we felt ready. So exactly one month after Raider and Yankee went missing, we took an all day trip down to Cedar City to pick out a new puppy and take him home with us. Of course I am a worry-wart so I worried it was too soon. I worried this meant we had given up on Raider and Yankee and that we were over it. We're not. We still aren't. I still have a hard time talking about it when people ask. In fact, I'm getting emotional now just writing about it. But having this new puppy really helps. He is the sweetest thing. He is a cuddler and a follower. He likes to be on your lap and by your side almost all times. I say almost because now he has gotten pretty comfortable that if we are in the living room watching TV but he wants to lay on the bed, he will. He loves the bed and he loves to sleep with us. He is already potty trained and doesn't jump, lick or chew on things (except Michael's socks on occasion hehe) We just love him. I miss Raider and Yankee and think about them all the time. I wish I knew where they were. I wish they were home. Now that we just have the one, we are going to spoil him and smother him with love. Meet Domer.

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