Friday, April 9, 2010


Things I want to do before I die...

1-Attend a Superbowl in which the Raiders are competing.

2-Attend a World Series in which the Yankees are competing.

3-Attend a Wrestlemania live.

4-Step foot on every continent.

5-Ride in a helicopter.

6-Ride in a bobsled.

7-Marry the love of my life (who is of course Michael).

8-Live long enough to see a great grandchild get married.

9-Swim with dolphins.

10-Have at least 2 kids preferably one of each.

11-Find my passion in life.

12-Make a difference.

13-Witness a miracle.

14-See Garth Brooks in concert.

15-See Reba in concert.

16-See a live talk show. (preferably Ellen)

17-Visit all 50 states.

18-Design a gown that walks down the red carpet.

19-Get a standing ovation.

20-Do everything on this list.

21-Help someone in need anonymously.

22-Own a Yorkie.

23-Be on tv.

24-Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

25-Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

26-Walk on the Great Wall of China.

27-Ride an elephant.

28-Get my house looking the way I want. Like it should be in a picture of a magazine.

29-Go on a hot air balloon ride.

30-See the glass slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

31-Keep a journal.

32-Ride a camel.

33-Shop in Paris.

34-Eat something exotic.

35-Go on a cruise.

36-Ride a mechanical bull.

37-Do something to make my parents proud.

38-Buy something in an auction.

39-Witness a part of the Olympics.

40-Go skinny dipping.

41-Go cliff diving.

42-Have a famous person talk directly to me on Twitter.

43-Go snorkling.

44-Ride in a submarine.

45-Attend a music awards show. Preferably country music.

46-Swim in the ocean.

47-Do something I thought I would never do. It can be anything!

48-Walk barefoot on the beach hand in hand with Michael. Preferably in the moonlight.

49-Kiss the love of my life while riding a beach side ferris wheel.

50-Have a great book signed by the author.

51-Go horseback riding on the beach.

52-Go to a couple of different churches just for the experience.

53-Watch the Jazz win the NBA finals.

54-Go parasailing.

55-Add more things to this list to make it even more challenging!

My list right now is a little pathetic. I hope to be adding more and eliminated more all at the same time! The ones that are crossed off have been done...obviously.

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