Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter with the Family

Every year we do a big Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma Hanks' house down in Salem. Hers are special. How she makes them special is she makes a hard boiled colored egg for each grandkid and writes their name on it and hides them all. Once you find your egg you take it back to her. She give the kids ages 5 and under a quarter in return for their egg, ages 6-11 a 50 cent piece and 12 and up a dollar coin. Of course this is my favorite part of Easter and I didn't get one this year. Once she considers you married you don't get one anymore. Big Bummer. Makes me want to be a kid again. It's a super fun tradition that I hope to keep going when I have grandkids someday. I don't know if I will ever have as many as she does...I lost count.

Because we didn't get to hunt for eggs us older kids had to find something else to entertain ourselves. Let me just tell you a little something about my cousins and my boyfriend, they are willing to do just about anything no matter how dangerous or dumb it might be. Michael saw a red wagon sitting in the driveway and thought it would be fun to have Cody sit inside and push him down the gravel driveway... Of couse Cody was up for it and Zach also got excited for this adventure so away we went. It would be much easier to show you rather than tell you how this all went down.

All was going well until Zachary (whose hands you see on Cody's shoulders in the picture below) decided to jump on back...

Needless to say, this wagon is now hidden from the owner.
Never a dull moment when we all get together. (You should see us in a house that is about to get torn down.)

All in all we had a great time as always. I love getting together with my whole family (even though there were a few missing...we are spread from California to Maine) I always am sad to say goodbye but look forward to our next shinannigans.

Me and my sister Jodi.

Me and my Cousin Tish.

And the whole gang. Michael, Tish, Me, Jodi, Cody, Zach and Rochelle.

See you guys next time! Can't wait!


  1. You forgot to mention how i tottally ate it on the first attempt.

  2. You forgot to mention who is going to buy my nephews a new wagon. :) Cute blog.