Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jensen Easter 2010

First of all, HAPPY EASTER!!

My Easter Sunday started out with an experience I honestly thought I would never do...I went to Easter Mass with Michael, his grandpa and parents. Probably not something I will do again but it was a neat experience. After church we went to eat at J&D's. Michael's grandpa sure knows how to keep us entertained when we are waiting for food. He told joke after joke. One of them had a punch line where he hit himself in the head and it bumped his hat to the side. We told him he looked 'gansta' and he kept it that way the rest of breakfast.

"It's not gonna be breakfast by the time we get it, it'll be dinner!"

After breakfast Michael and I went right home and back to bed. Getting up that early is hard for us.

I have to say I am pretty lucky that Michael's mom still enjoys making everyone an easter basket because my mom basically refuses to make me one.

Michael and I opening our baskets. In mine was a candleholder, a necklace and some candy. Of course it included my favorite Easter treat Yello bunny peeps.

After our baskets were open it was time to get to the coloring of the eggs.
Michael and his brother tend to get "creative" when it comes to coloring eggs. If you don't watch rated R movies, DON'T look at the last few pictures. You were warned. Oh and p.s don't judge. Thanks.

Michael's nephew Kalel loves to growl.

Halfway through coloring them we decided to eat them.

And back to coloring. We tend to concentrate really hard.

Kylie's "preggo" egg and my "cracked egg with a chickie peeking through" egg.

Now, this next picture is the one I warned you about! Don't scroll down unless you think you can handle it!

That egg says cock-a-doodle-doo you sicko! I know what you were seeing!

Hope everyone had a happy easter! Until next time...

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