Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 things I love about...

(I got this idea from a good friend Amber who does this on her blog :) hope it's ok I stole this!)


1) I love the fact that Michael is so driven. He is at the moment working 2 jobs to make sure I get eveything I want and need.
2) He has such a good heart. Always willing to help his parents, his grandpa and anyone that asks.
3) He knows exactly what to say to me when I am having a bad day. He can get me to laugh and smile when I am in my worst moods. Sometimes it annoys me but I love that he can do that.
4) He is great with kids. He is so good to his nephew and I can only imagine how he will be with kids of his own.
5) He has a one of a kind sense of humor. He can make anyone laugh.
6) He makes good decisions and I love that about him. I can trust he is never going to do anything stupid and he will also teach our kids that same quality.
7) He is so real and it is so natural to him. He doesn't say or do things that he thinks will please people. He does them if it's the right thing to do or he simply does things for him.
8) I love that he HATES fighting. He was unfortunate to grow up around fighting so he can't stand it. I was lucky enough to never grow up around it so I don't like it either. So we have never really gotten in huge yelling fights with slamming doors. He hates it and I'm glad. He can't even stand when people fight around him. He won't put up with it.
9) This one is a little silly but I love how athletic he is. I hope it passes on to our kids because we are huge sports fans so being able to put our kids in sports would be so fun for us. He is so good at anything he tries and he has a good work ethic when it comes to sports. He believes if he works hard enough, he can be good at any sport. He also plans on teaching our kids that kind of work ethic.
10) And last and most definitely not least, he loves me more than I ever thought I could be love. Sure, some people may think we did things a little backwards, but it has been worth it. He respected me when we first started dating, he made sure to do whatever he could to get me the house I wanted even though there was a point when we didn't think we would, and he plans on spoiling me forever.

I am so grateful to have him in my life and can't imagine it without him. I can tell him anything and trust him with my secrets, fears, and dreams. I am so lucky that I have someone with such good values and strengths. (This could probably all be included in the list if I hadn't already used my 10. That's how you know he is truly amazing.)
Oh, one more thing that should have also been on the list. I love that he is probably the ONLY person I can be totally goofy, emotional, and my true self around. I love that he never once has made me feel like a dweeb.

these are a few pics of when we first started dating. it was perfect then and it's still perfect now.

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  1. You guys are SO dang cute, and you guys aren't doing anything more backwards than anyone else. I say do things the way they work for you. No one can honestly say that what worked for them will work for anyone else (weird, I just posted that in my new blog. haha.) And eventually things will come full circle, and possibly even turn out better than all those doubters will ever know.