Thursday, April 8, 2010

12 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have been graduated for about 3 years and I still miss cheer. Sometimes I worry my high school days will be my best days.
  2. I hate doing dishes but I hate them not getting done more so I usually just do them.
  3. The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie, and I collect anything and everything Wizard of Oz. I have quite the collection and I hope it grows.
  4. I care WAY too much what other's think about me, and I lose sleep over it sometimes.
  5. I used to make fun of snuggies until I came across a Wizard of Oz one. I own it.
  6. At Easter time I love peeps. Only at Easter. And only the Yellow Bunnies. No blue, pink, purple, or chickies.
  7. If I could live anywhere it would be A LOT closer to a beach.
  8. I love wrestling and people always shoot me down saying, "You know it's not real right?"  You know story lines, fighting, and relationships in movies aren't real right?
  9. DON'T call me short. It got old in like 6th grade. Seriously? Tell me something I don't know.
  10. When you ask me "When are you getting married?" It kind of angers me. I HATE talking about marriage.
  11. I have a twitter but I follow mostly celebrities. It makes me feel like they are my friends. Pathetic? I know.
  12. I am 21 years old and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Well I want to be a stay at home mom but that isn't very realistic.
Now that I start thinking about things to put on my list it makes me think of even this may not be the first of a list like this. Stay tuned...

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