Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So about a week ago I could tell I was coming down with a cold. 
I knew there wasn't a lot I could do for it being pregnant and all but I asked my Dr. what I could take and tried that.

NOTHING worked. I just got worse.
Monday I was fine during the day then came home from work and just got hit by a bus with it.
I was so sick I couldn't keep anything down not even water.
So first thing in the morning I called my family Dr.
Ew. It is so awful to be this sick and pregnant. 

But today has been a little better. I have been on antibiotics and taking Tylenol for the fever. I still ache a little and my throat still hurts of course but I was at least able to get up, shower, and even do some dishes. 

And yes, blog. 

So here is this week's outfit.
I wore this one day last week and loved it. 
Here is the Pinterest version...

Now, something you should know about me and fashion...
I HATE black and brown together.
Those two dark colors just do not go together to me.
Tan and black? Ok.
Brown and black? Never.
So I did not wear brown boots but here's what I did wear.


So basically a pregnancy denim shirt, leggings I have had forever, a couple simple tank tops underneath, and light colored tan boots. 
So simple. So comfy.
I wore it to work but I would wear it on a lazy day also.

I know I have only done a couple of these posts now...
{HERE} is a link to the first one with why I do it...
But I love looking for new outfits now. I put things together that I already had that I might now have put together before. It has also given me ideas for more outfits!
Even if nobody reads through these posts, they're still fun to put together and stuff! So for those of you that do read through them, THANK YOU!
and ENJOY!

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