Sunday, March 3, 2013


February flew by! And I feel like it wasn't very eventful either! 
Here's my month of February...

Got some new music.
Both SOOOOOO good!

We found out on Valentine's Day that we
are having a little girl!
Zianna-Marie Rosela Jensen

Michael surprised me with a little gift :)

I parted my hair a new way and kinda love it.
I call it the Brooke Davis part.

Zianna is getting spoiled already!
My mom got her this and thinks she should
wear it home from the hospital.

Domer is my watch dog. He is almost always
looking out the window!

My cousin Tish got this for Zianna and you
have no idea just how true it will be!

The good news is I can still wear my skinny
The bad news is, it won't be long before I'm
huge. Baby Z Bump sprung basically over

Domer sleeps in funny positions!
What did all of you do in February?!

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