Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Couch!

Our couch was in bad shape. We got it from Michael's Grandma when we bought our house and she had had it for a while before that. The cushions were sunken in, it was a really light microfiber so it was hard to clean and even right after we cleaned it, it looked dirty. We figured we needed a new one that we could fit both of us, Domer and now a new little one and we had to do now before all of our money from here on out goes to her and any other future kiddos we have. So we went on a trip to Ogden. There is this store called The Rox I think..? It's like a DI type store but they didn't have anything we were looking for. Then we went to Knight's which is closing so everything was on sale. However, even the sale prices were waaay over what we really wanted to spend. So we went to Big Lots. We had looked there before and seen good deals and we went back on the right day because we got this big leather sectional for only $479.00 We were thrilled! I don't love the color of it to be honest but I love the size, it's comfy, and our living room looks great! Michael and I both fell asleep on it last night so I think that's a good sign that it's a keeper!

We added curtains over the small windows to help with glare and rearranged the pictures above the couch!

Yeah, ignore that those need to be ironed. 
And I will try to remember to post a better picture of the whole living room all complete! =]

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