Saturday, March 23, 2013


Fact about me:
I go through phases.

There was my watch phase...
and my brownies phase...
And now...

My manicure phase.

You saw my St. Patrick's Day nails {HERE}
And I'm obsessed with Gel Nails and did a new one today!
 My Spring Nails!

The secret to the stripes? 
(which I know aren't perfect..)


Found the idea on Pinterest. (Where else?!)
And {HERE} are some ideas.

Now this was my first time doing them and here is what I have discovered...

-I am SUPER impatient when waiting for my nails to dry so I can do the marker design. Something I'll need to work on.
-I found you need to spray hairspray over the marker BEFORE doing your top coat. (Tip from the link above) But, don't spray too much or too close or it will still smear.
-My right hand obviously looks worse than my left because I can't draw straight lines with my left. Another thing I will need to work on.

Anybody else used Permanent Marker on manicures?
Any tips for this newbee?

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