Friday, March 8, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Here are a few of my current favorites...

favorite makeup:
This makeup is awesome because it has primer and
concealer built-in. It covers really really well and lasts
all day. And I'm not one for taking a million steps to put
makeup on so this being just one step is amazing to me.
favorite smell:
I got a coupon for a free sample of this Beautiful Day
scent from Bath and Body Works. Regularly this tiny little
bottle is $7.50 so it was well worth it! And it ended up
smelling amazing! I just spray a little on my wrist and rub
on my neck and it's such a heavenly smell..mmm.....
I'd pay the $7.50 again when I run out for sure.
favorite song:
This duet is simply amazing. I have never heard
of the guy she is singing with but I could put
this song on repeat and listen to it like all day
and belt it horribly too. Love it.

favorite nails:
I'm sure you've all heard of Shellac and how amazing it is.
Well I thought I would hop on that band wagon and get
all the stuff to do it at home on my own. Well LUCKILY I
stumbled upon THIS on Pinterest on how to get the same
type of manicure for MUCH less! And I'm glad I found that
because I love it! I did the manicure and it is so durable!
It didn't chip or fade in 2 days like it usually does. I work
with my hands a lot at work and this was tough enough for
all of that. It does peel easy once your nails grow and it
starts to lift, but if you paint another coat of gel or another
top coat I bet you can prevent that. I however, get bored
with a color anyways and wanna change colors.
favorite hair:
I love to part my hair like this. Weird I know but I get so
sick of my hair. I don't want to cut it, I like it long. Yet, I
want change. So this is a tiny way I can change it up from
time to time.

Have any favorites you wanna share?!
Comment below =]

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