Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of THOSE days...

We all have THOSE days right?!
Pleeeaasse say it's not just me.
You know, those days where NOTHING goes right and you wanna yell, "I QUIT!"
Yeah. Say hello to my day today.
It was ROTTEN!
(Well, and it's not even over! It's barely 4:30...ugh)
Things that made this day rotten include,
-getting my monthly visit :(
-lights that won't stay up making my window look ghetto
-running late for work which by the way was the morning shift on my DAY OFF
-more than one unhappy costumer
-saying HI! to someone and having them not even give me a glance. RUDE!
BUT! Instead of focusing on all things negative...
You know that quote:
"Every day may not be good but there's something good in every day."
"It's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest of days."
Well, I attempted.
Here's the beauty in my ugly day:

Mt Dew, you save my life some days
Found M&Ms in my purse.
Wore my FAVE shirt!
Isn't it cute?!
And did I mention..
$4.00 Kohl's clearance rack!
That's right!
My pups were SOOO happy to see me!

Other beauty-ful things in my day that I don't have pictures for include:
-My mom's neighbor stopping in to my work and talkin for a few minutes just to see how I was. Even though she had a to-do list a mile long!
-Reader's Digest (They have the BEST jokes!)
-Listening to Christmas music! =] Including one of my FAVES Garth's "Santa looked a lot like Daddy"
Such a good song!
Oh and you must hear Destiny's Child's Christmas Album. SoOoO good! An Oldie but goodie!
-Going to Zumba tonight. Zumba always is so fun and makes me feel so good!

Hope nobody has to go through THOSE kind of days but when you do, remember all the little things that make you smile!

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  1. I hate those days, BUT your shirt is CUTE! $4 holy cow. Cute cute!