Saturday, December 4, 2010

DAY 30

Wow last one!
Started this on November 1st and finishing on December 4th...
not too bad I guess!


One of my biggest dreams for the future is to have a family.
I want kids that can talk to me about anything and be themselves around me and even consider me a friend.
I want Michael and I to love each other just as much in the future as we do now. I know there will be many trials, so what I'm hoping is that we can overcome those trials with ease.
I would also really love to figure out what I want to do with my life.
I have no idea if I want to go to school, and for what.
I have no idea if I want to find a career, and in what.
Or if I want to make being a stay-at-home-mom work.
That would be amazing.
I also have a dream to one day make a difference.
Don't know how yet but I hope to one day do that.
I also would love to complete everythig on my bucket list!

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