Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin in the Christmas Spirit!

I have to admit it's taken me a while to get in the Christmas spirit.
I just BARELY put our tree up yesterday the 5th.
That's crazy to me!
Usually it's up the day after Thanksgiving!
BUT we had a great night puttin it up!
Michael, Tony and I put it up while listening to some Country Christmas tunes!
It was pretty fun!
We got the whole house decorated pretty quick!

puttin the topper on!

our cute little tree!


puttin up the garland

I made this

My FAVORITE countdown!

more countdowns and a nativity

puttin up outside lights for the first time

my FAVORITE nativity.
we used to rearrange this probably
100 times before Christmas
Most of my decorations are a little outdated cuz they were hand-me-downs but I love them all!
Hope everyone else is gettin in the Christmas spirit!


  1. hey we had the same count down when i was a kid the one with the bar and the house that you move him to a different room each day