Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Parties!

This weekend was SUCH a busy one!
On Saturday we had the Hanks Family Christmas party.
Always been one of my favorite traditions!
We do a big dinner, pinatas and Santa!
Sooooo fun!

I got to hold new baby Laura!

I hope Santa gets us what we asked for -
a delayed gift - a honeymoon lol

Me n Cody!

Playing an INTENSE game of Lightning!

This is me calling JJ a cheater.
Let me explain...
JJ AND Michael got out like 5 turns ago k...
Well I may have talked some smack saying I was in longer than JJ.
So, he got back in line.
Fast forward a few turns, he gets me out.
You cannot come back in once you've been out!
I would have WON that game I'm sure of it!
It was me, JJ (the cheater) and Sean left.
Grrrrrrr.....JJ better watch out!

Now onto Sunday.
The GLEED Family Christmas party.
My grandparents were kind enough to let me bring Tony and Michael's nephew with us.
They even made him a goodie bag so he could sit on Santa's lap too.

He got the first BINGO!

This is him digging through his goodie bag
he got from Santa!

Car and goodies from his goodie bag!

Playin with the airplane he got!

He was gettin pretty good at it!

My dad read a story about Gifts for Christ.

We wrote our gifts for Christ on these papers..

..which ended up being Jesus' straw for his bed!

I was lucky enough to get to keep
this "sculpture" my grandparents
made. It was delicious!
Oh how I love this time of year for all the family time we get!
I hope everyone spends quality time with their families this Christmas season!
(P.S I have a TON more pictures on my Facebook page! Go check em out!)

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