Monday, September 20, 2010

What a FANTASTIC weekend!

This weekend was SUCH a good one! And that doesn't happen with us very often. With me working 3 jobs and him having weekends off, we're lucky if we get to spend time together. This weekend started on Thursday. We got the opportunity to go see Gary Allan in concert. Wow. That is all. It was just. Wow. But let me start from the top...

The opening act was Jarrod Niemann. He is freakin awesome! [To check him out go here.] And to make him even more awesome, we found out his first favorite cowboy is Chris LeDoux. (If you don't know him, at least check out his song "County Fair") Then we found out he wrote a song about his first favorite cowboy with his second favorite cowboy, Garth Brooks. (For those of you that don't know him, just jump off a cliff. Kidding. But Michael is obsessed with him so at least check him out.) Anyways the song he wrote with Garth about Chris is called "Just LeDoux it" (Pronounced la-do) and Michael happened to be wearing his JUST LEDOUX IT t-shirt. I know. Freakin awesome. Then Jarrod sang that song. It was awesome. By the way, all his songs are freakin awesome and most of them really funny! Like one of his songs mentions his favorite drink...a margrdacquriscrewalottaonthebeach. HAHA

Jarrod Niemann
After Jarrod Niemann was Randy Houser. For the best music video you'll ever see go here. The kid in it is for real too. Just FYI. Randy was awesome! He completely rocked the house. And it was cool cuz the show went on even though he was extremely sick and barely had a voice at all. When he talked at least. When he sang it sounded normal which was awesome.

Randy Houser
Finally it was time for Gary Allan. Not much to say about him but that he is awesome. Here's his CMT page. He has been through so much. His wife committed suicide a few years ago and ever since then a lot of his songs have been pretty gloomy. In fact, there is one song on his new album called "No Regrets" that is about his wife. SOOOOOOOO SAD. And we heard him sing it live for the first time ever. I had chills. It was so amazing. Never had chills at a concert like that.

Gary when he first walked out.
Gary rockin the house.
Pretty sure his guitar guy was wearing a kilt...
...Just had to add that I think those rugs are fabulous.
To end the show his pup came and escorted him off stage. Cute!
Me n Michael at the concert
That was the most exciting thing that happened over the weekend. Friday I had a girl's night! Lex, Jenn, Megs, Megera, Kenzie, Sam, Chelle and me! Hopefully next time even more can come!

SATURDAY I worked 2 jobs :( but it wasn't so bad! When I got home from my first job, Michael had the kitchen cleaned and lunch cooking! Such a sweetie!

SUNDAY is FOOTBALL DAY!!! We watch football all day. Started off rough with the Ravens losing but made up for it a bit when the Raiders beath the Rams!!! Woot! We were planning on going to a comedy show that night but it got cancelled :( so we went to a movie instead! Me, Michael, Jesse and Tiff went and saw "The Other Guys" and it was HI-LAR-I-OUS!!! That's right people. 4 syllables!

Me n Michael ready for football!
To top it all off, the weekend aint over yet! Today I spent the day with my mom and sister a.k.a maid of honor looking at dress patterns for my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. I had a great time and got some great ideas! And tonight Michael and I are going to watch Wrestling! We missed the pay-per-view last night so this will catch us up! Can't wait! Be jealous!

P.S For more pics of the concert check out my facebook page!

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