Monday, September 6, 2010

My Birthday Wish List

I pretty much know never in a million years will I get EVERYTHING I want but here's a fun little list of what I want for my birthday!
Do not take this list seriously it is just for fun!
(My birthday is the 29th and I'm having a glitter toes party the 28th @ 6 @ the retreat! All you girls are invited so COME!!)

I need a new hair dryer. Mine is crap.

I have a few CDs on my list. Including Katy Perry's new one.

I could use a million dollars! I'm such a stresser so it would be nice to have that and not have to stress!

One Tree Hill Season 7 DVD. I just finished 6 and 8 starts on TV soon!

Some new tennis shoes. When I work out I wear my cheer shoes from high school! I have only heard good things about the Reebok EasyTone but I'm not too picky I'd take what I can get haha

Red and Gray paint for my kitchen. I would love to have that room done and since it is the only one I have made a decision on, I need the paint! Red for the cabinet and drawer doors and gray for the walls!

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