Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday/Glitter Toes Party!

WARNING!!! Pictures GALORE!!! =]
Today is my birthday and I have had an AMAZING day!!!
I got SPOILED!!!
First of all I got a bajillion facebook birthday posts!
Thank you all!
I'm so super lucky!
Yesterday was my glitter toes party and we had a blast!
Sorry to those who couldn't make it but you missed out!
Maybe next time!
Lots of candy!

No idea...

Manda doing Tanica's toes!

MY cute silver toes! Love em!

From: Megan!

Jammie pants and leg warmers
From: Marie!

Probly my fave gift!
From: Marie!

Michael's grandpa spoiled me!
Shorts, 2 tees and a hoodie!
From: Grandpa Andy!

A purse and a pair of shoes
From: Grandpa Andy!

From/Made by: My mom!

From: Katelyn!

From/Made By: My mom!

From: Jodi!

On our way to eat!

My cute family at Hunan!
(-Michael =[ he was workin)

From: Grandpa Andy!

Including all these pictures here I also got socks and a wallet from Grandpa Andy! 
I also got yummie lotion from Tanica! Thanks girl!
I got a birthday phone call at 7:00 in the morning from dear Jodi!
Dinner is being made for me now! Courtesy of Michael! Soooo happy he got off early!

And the BEST gift of all..........
It FITS!!!
 I got my ring yesterday so I was able to wear it to my glitter toes party and show it off! It finally feels official now that I can wear it! 

He even put it on my finger!

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