Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New job!

I now officially work 3 jobs!
My main one will be with ShopKo Eyecare Center.
I am still with The Peak hosting events such as Kid's Night Out, birthday parties, etc...
And now...
I work with the amazing Karen Eddington @ Cauliflower Retreat!
I am so excited about this job.
We are a self-worth outreach center that promotes self-esteem in women of all ages!
My job duty is marketing which means I will be creating an official facebook page...
I created a twitter (follow us! @outreachretreat)
and I will be helping with the blog here and there.
I was also thinking I will put a few updates on my own blog as well!
Because I feel really strong about this.
Every girl/teen/woman should feel good about themselves through trials, change and drama!
We can help!
For example:
Some upcoming FREE events are looking like a lot of fun!

Sept. 8th: The "TO-DO List" Retreat @11:00am
Sept. 13th: "Being in the Moment" Retreat @11:00am
Sept. 16th: Katie Shepherd Class: "Ethical Wills: Passing On Your Values" @6:30-7:30pm
*Sept. 18th: MOTHER/DAUGHTER Retreat @10:30am
Sept. 21st: Motherhood Retreat @10:00am
*Sept. 25th: "Create Yourself" Retreat for Mom's and Teens @10:30am
Sept. 27th: "Self-Worth Starts at Home" @11:00am
*big events
To attend these FREE events you need to sign up. You can do that at the Retreat or by emailing. Or by telling me and I'll put you on the list.

anyone and everyone is invited to join the community board. Just call 435-723-7389 or email for information. The first meeting will be held Sept. 29th (my birthday :) @11:00am.
Like I said, ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome!
The community board will brainstorm events, topics, etc...

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive upcoming events, and community board information you can stop in at the retreat and sign up. You could also tell me and I'll put you on the list. Or you can email!
Doesn't matter where you live!

Other info:
The Retreat is located @ 1149 S 450 W by Hunan Village.
The hours are M-F 11:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-2:00
We sell t-shirts, vinyl, home decor and books!
Stop in and see me!


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