Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simply trying some new stuff...

 Of course all I have on my mind right now is wedding planning...It's probably a ways away cuz I don't mind having a long-ish engagement to have time to plan and save up moolah for stuff. However...

A good friend told me about this site for wedding planning, so far I've spent far too many hours on that site. That's right people, been engaged 4 days and I've already spent HOURS looking at wedding pics. I have an idea of what I want for centerpieces, colors and a dress. However nothing is set in stone yet so I have no deets to share yet..

Just found out that it has always been my mom's dream to make all of us girls' wedding dresses. Hope she knows what she has gotten herself into telling me that. Here's what I want...

My dream dress. Only in white. And with a train. Soooo beautiful! And soooo detailed. Good luck mom!

I also have a cake and some centerpieces in mind but I have a feeling my mind will change on that stuff. But the dress, no chance. I do have back ups however if my mom freaks out about this being too complicated or too detailed. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with no matter what as long as it's close to what I want and it's made with love by my mom. That's the key...made WITH LOVE. Got that mom? I'll try not to be a bridezilla if you promise to be patient with me when I am one.

Ok that's it for now I just had to blog my thought. And try some new things with this whole blog experience.

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