Monday, September 13, 2010

~Peach Days 2010~

Peach Days is seriously one of my favorite times!
Michael and I have quite the Peach Days history...
-first time we exchanged numbers
-first time he asked me out (I said no...but that's not important)
-first date
-now we live on Forest aka Peach Days street
-our engagement!!!

The festivities start on Friday and this year I got to babysit my little nephew on Friday! I took him to the booths and the kiddie parade.
To tell you the truth, that's the first time I had ever seen the kiddie parade..
He and I both had a blast!

Saturday the fun began.
We started off the day with the parade.

This is me in the parade. I was a princess for the Peak because they are doing a new class for little girls called Princess Practice.

My little cousins Kiran and Kelan plus Cassidy with the Aggie shirt.

My ADORABLE twin cousins Addie and AJ.

My cute Michael!

My parade experience-
walked about half the parade distance before it started to pass out flyers for the Retreat,
walked in the parade as a princess,
walked back to my family who sits at the beginning of the parade practically,
huge blister,
blood all over in my shoe,
and SORE legs!

After the parade we went to my mom's house for a BBQ. We had a lot of family make the Peach Days trip! Stephanie and Josh plus their kids. My grandma and Aunt Marianne. My Uncle Jim and Aunt Rosie brought their granddaughter Zina. My Aunt Joi Lynn brought Katie and Josh. And Sarah brought Hayden!

I had to skip out a little early on the BBQ because I had a party to host at the Peak. It was such a fun party! I was training a girl named Chelsea and it was a double birthday girl party but they were so cute and so fun! Plus they tipped! BONUS!

After that, I went home and relaxed for a bit on the porch with my sister Jamie. We people watched a bit because this year they closed off the street I live on. (Which I'm COMPLETELY upset with! They've NEVER done that before and it's a pain! We had to park like 6 blocks away from our house!)

Once we were rested Michael, Tony, our nephew, his parents and I went to get somethin to eat and walk around the booths. Michael's nephew also really wanted to ride the Dragon so I took him and it was a blast!!

I think he was a little scared at first but it didn't last long. Pretty soon is was, "WHOOOOA WE ARE GOING SOOOO FAST!! WHOOOOAH WE ARE GOING SOOOO HIGH!!" He would wave to Michael, Tony and grandma n grandpa just laughing! He sure loved it!

Michael's Grandpa got us all matching shirts with our names on them for Peach Days. I wish he was in the picture too but he was home resting after a long day of sitting with his car at the car show. Tony didn't get a shirt because he was in uniform for most the day.

This is us right before we got in line for the ferris wheel. I had no idea this was going to be a ferris wheel ride like no other.

We got in line for the ferris wheel and it's always a long wait but we finally got on. We were one of the last ones to be loaded but when we stopped on our way up Michael turns to me and says,
"I forgot to tell you we're going to have to go to Teague's party late."
Me: "What? Why?!" (I was excited to party!)
Him: "Because we have to go to your parents at 10:00."
Me: "Why would we have to do that?" (I was excited to party!)
Him: "Because I think you're going to want to show them this.."
He pulls out the ring and says "Will you marry me?"
To tell you the truth, I don't even remember anything but saying yes and then giving him a big smooch!
His parents were watching us so he gave them the thumbs up as we came around.

This is our first picture as an engaged couple! My face cracks me up I look craaazy.

His grandma that passed away in March left us this ring. She was tiny so this doesn't even fit my pinky. It will be getting sized this week and should be done by my birthday! Can't wait to wear it! Michael thought the sizing only took a couple days but it ended up being a couple weeks. He wanted to show it to me when he asked but couldn't put it on my finger yet. Can't wait to wear it!

After 4 years of being bf/gf we are FINALLY engaged! To tell you the truth, it hasn't even hit me yet! I've wanted this to happen for so long that it's crazy to me that it has!

The kicker is Michael had told my mom that morning and his mom had known for a couple days. I still had NO IDEA it was coming! I'm proud of my mom for keeping it quiet!
In case you were wondering, when he told her she smacked him and said, "About time!" haha

Michael's friend Mariah happened to see his parents while we were on the ferris wheel and she took some pictures for us. Once we get copies I'll post those too!

I already have so much running through my head! Colors, dates, locations, refreshments, guests...oh my!
I've always wanted a June wedding so that may be when it is but to tell you the truth, I am still trying to come to terms with actually being engaged! Once we decide on a date I'll let you all know OF COURSE!
If you see me lately and I look like I have a goofy perma-grin it's cuz I do! I'm so happy and it couldn't have been more perfect! I had no idea it was coming and it couldn't have gone any better!

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  1. I'm so happy for you babe! Sounds like a perfect day :) You should go to When I got engaged I pretty much lived on that website. and! Happy planning!!!