Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here's an update on my last post about all of my goals....

I got a gym membership to Physiques and so far have been every day since except for once and that was yesterday. I am not going today but that is because on Tuesday nights I do Zumba over at the Peak. Funnest Fitness ever!

I think part of going to the gym and getting some exercise is helping me feel better. I feel like I am not just sitting at home doing nothing all day, I feel better about myself, and I am feeling a little bit more positive =] !

The truck is getting fixed tomorrow and the good news is it's only cosing us about $350. The original estimate was over $2,000! Luckily they took an even closer look and realized it wasn't going to be THAT much. Phew! That would have killed us on trying to save up!

Becuase the truck wasn't what we were expecting I think I am going to make the hanging swing a priority. I had an awesome friend help me out with that problem now I know where to get one and how much it will cost. So hopefully soon, you will see a pretty hanging swing on my porch! Hopefully. 

Of course our trip is not taken care of yet...but we knew that was going to take all summer to save up. We did pay our deposit which locked our flight. We leave October 23rd and fly straight to Mexico. When we come home on the 28th we will have one stop in L.A. I'm getting super excited! I do have a new swimsuit, and a new beach outfit! So far...hehe!

Now for our front yard...
We started digging up all of the weeds but didn't want to spend money on a tiller so we did it all by hand. Well, shovel. Well...half of the yard. It was a long day and I got super sun burnt so we decided to try it differently for the other half. We are going to try and kill the weeds with round up first and then my boss lucky for us owns a tiller! She is going to be so kind as to let us borrow it one of these days that we have the time. Then we will till up the other half of the yard and plant seed on the whole yard! Yay! I do have some roses growing surprisingly...and I did nothing for them. They just started blooming like crazy probably because of all the rain we've had. Anyways I have 3 bushes, pink, white and yellow/pink. (that one's my favorite) and I even took a few pics for ya!

Yes, they are kind of wilting a bit I should have taken some pictures earlier when they were just starting to bloom. But oh well better late than never right?

That's all for now but I hope to be posting again soon with some more goal updates such as the kitchen!


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