Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I'm going to make what could be a long story short...I didn't want to go home because you-know-who was sitting on my porch with a few people I have never even seen before. I didn't want to go home. Soooo I tagged along with Jessie all day while she was doing pictures for someone. To kill the time we still had she decided to take pics of me! We went to a few of her favorite spots, ones that she had heard of and, we also went on a hunt for new pic spots. First of all here a few of my faves of me!
This was at the poppies in Mantua. Which fit because I'm obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and these make me think of it!
This is my serious face...I warned her I don't do good serious.
Climbing on this building was an adventure in itself. See right below me about 2 feet is a drop off! It was like a balance beam gettin up there but it was fun!
No real story behind this one...
This one is my absolute fave! I don't know why but I love it. We found this random set of stairs that lead to absolutely nowhere!
Ok I SWEAR I took a pic of them from the bottom looking up but I guess not. Anyways here's the random stairs!

Now this next one I am obsessed with. I love it! It's so random!
That's right...a random Aladdin looking rug on a hill. Amazing right. I wonder how it came to be there!?

That's all I got!

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