Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Call Me Anecia Gleed, ABOC

Let me take you back a few months to when I first started the class. Connie, an optical whiz, was going to offer a class to all those who were taking the ABO, and wanted the little bit of help it would take to pass the test. I tell ya, I couldn't have done it without her! She was so helpful and so willing to help. So, I took this class very seriously. I mean, this test costs $150 to take! What if I fail!? That's $150 down the drain! So I studied every chance I got. I wrote detailed notes (even colored them with highlighters), I read my chapters, I did the worksheets she gave me, I mean I felt ready! So May 15 rolls around and we head down to Salt Lake. I had to be to the test at 9 am and I wanted to be rested so I thought it would be a good idea to stay the night in Salt Lake City, find the test spot ahead of time, and be prepared. And I'm glad we did! We had a great time. After not getting much sleep, I woke up at about 5 am. My stomach was in knots! I thought I was going to vomit! Lucky for me I have a mom who is usually up early and I text her and was able to talk to her for a minute which helped a lot. I tried to get a little more sleep but only got about 15 minutes or so. So, I decided I should try to eat something. Maybe I was just hungry? I went to the hotel breakfast in the lobby and got some fruit and a bagel. I ate half of the bagel, took one bite of apple and ate a little bit of banana. Still felt like vomiting! The nerves really got to me. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't eat, I felt sick, I mean it was horrible! I left for the test at 8 am. I know way early because it was maybe a 15 minute drive. However I was not the only one there that early which was nice. I went in at about 8:30-8:45 ish with my pencils, eraser, and sign in sheet. I was ready to get it over with! Once we got in there she had to check everyone in, assign them a seat, hand out the tests, and read the instructions. We didn't really get started on the actual test until about 10. I finished in about an hour and half. Maybe a little less I can't remember for sure, but I felt so much better. I felt confident I had at least passed. And it was the best feeling in the world for it to be over! Now the waiting game...test results don't come back for 6-8 weeks! I thought it would fly by but really it was so slow waiting for the results. I was so nervous I just wanted to know already. Luckily my results came on week 6!

Drum roll please.............................................................................


When I saw the letter on the kitchen table my heart sunk. I snuck into my bedroom when Michael was in the front room and Tony downstairs, I took a deep breath and I opened the letter. Alone. In private. Whew. What a relief to see the word Congratulations. I went in and I told Michael, then I called my mom, Amber, Connie and my grandparents. It felt so good to know my hard work paid off!

Now I will be promoted to a level 3 Optician in ShopKo, get a raise, get reimbursed for some of the cost of the test, and now can start learning what it would take to be a manager someday.


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  1. Love you, ya dork! I knew you would do it! Don't forget I was sick with you. I worked that day and thought of you the entire time. Boy, oh, Boy! I was so glad when you finally called me!