Friday, October 11, 2013


Ugh that makes me sound so old!
This year on Sept. 29th I turned 25 years old!
I had a fabulous birthday that included the Wizard of Oz, cheesecake, and LOTS of birthday wishes.
I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!
Thanks to all those that made it a good one!

Michael took me to see the Wizard of Oz in 3D then afterwards we went to Olive Garden! It was seriously the best date ever. So fun.

Then on my actual birthday (the movie was the weekend before) we lounged around and watched football all day like any other Sunday. Then we went to my parents for dinner to celebrate my sister Jamie's birthday (who's is the same day as mine), my dad's birthday (who's is 2 days after ours), and mine of course. That's when my family gave me my awesome Wizard of Oz nutcrackers!

Why yes, yes I did get dressed up to go see Wizard
of Oz in 3D!

Best. Date. Ever.

It's my birthday I can have cheesecake for breakfast
if I want to!

Cristina makes the BEST cheesecake. This is her Oreo
one along with some Raiders cupcakes!

My family got me these for my birthday!
They may be meant to be Christmas decorations but I
don't care! They're up!

What I spent my birthday money on!
That makes this copy #6 including VHS.

It's clear there was quite a bit of a theme to my birthday this year. And I'm ok with that!

Thanks again everyone!

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