Friday, October 11, 2013


It's hard to believe Z is already two whole months!
She is a strong, wiggly little bugger.
Constantly moving around! She tries to sit up on her own especially when she is in the carseat, she hates that thing! She loves her musical birdie, is such a daddy's girl, and LOVES to watch football!
Here are a few pics of our little princess!

Every time I lay her on her changing table, she stares at
the same spot on the ceiling and just SMILES!
I don't know what, or who, she sees but she loves that
table her Papa made her!
2 month Dr.'s apt was horrific for both baby and mom.
I did ok when she was getting her shots, but remind me
to tell you the Dr.'s office poop story some day.
This is how she watches football. No seriously.

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