Saturday, September 28, 2013


"It just sounds mean. Like the end of summer."
(for all the OTH fans out there =] )

August flew right by. Probably because I was off of work and time always flies when you're having fun and not working!
I mean, am I right?!
Weekends always fly right by but then the work week just drags!
Same with lunch hours. You blink and it'll be gone!

Anyways, we spent our August getting used to a new little baby!
Which is why I am so behind on updating this thing!
I'll try to be better!

One of her first nights home. Sleeping in her cradle in our
room. Such a precious baby.

She slept in our room at first and every time she would
cry, Domer would jump down and check on her.

She started to get a double chin! And she had a cute
bow on!


Baby's first photo shoot!

I am a sucker for when she is holding my hand.

I love how she is holding onto her bink in this pic.

Michael also got me this a few days after we brought
baby Z home. So cute!

Took this when she was about two weeks.

Michael got me the best CD ever!

One of those late night feedings where she didn't want
to go back to sleep afterwards.

I love this is looks like she is talking on a pretend phone
or something haha

We realize Domer is the same length as Michael.

She likes to sleep with her arms up and spread out.

Oh my gosh I just LOVE her!

Is she not just the most precious thing?!

First attempt at tummy time!
Wasn't too bad.
She hates it now though.

Zianna with her cousin Conner who is about 2 1/2 months
older than she is.

Michael got a beautiful tattoo for Zianna.

First night out with friends since the baby!
Michael swears he invented photo-bombing.

Another shot from her newborn photo shoot.

She loves cuddles!

We got Domer a new toy.

I miss spending my mornings cuddling.

I took these on her one month birthday!
Aug. 26th.

Domer. The big brother!

Sometimes she doesn't let me cook dinner because she
would rather me hold her!

She smiles a lot in her sleep!
Oh and she lost the hair on the top of her head!

Getting so big! Look at those little rollies!

I'm so blessed!

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