Sunday, October 13, 2013


The months are flying right by!
Before we know it, there will be snow on the ground, lights on houses, and trees in windows with presents galore underneath. 
Oh Christmas time, how I love you.
This year I'm really excited because it will be the first with Zianna! Even though she is so young and won't have any clue what is going on! Oh well!

Here's how we spent our September!
(If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all of these before but EXCLUSIVELY for my blog readers, are some bonus pictures at the end of the post!)

Last all day snuggles before I had to head back to work
full time. :(

Finally able to put my ring back on!

Lovely walks

I love to steal her away.

This was after a long first Peach Days!

Blessing day seen HERE

She loves her Great Grandma Z!

Worn out after her blessing day.

This is my favorite picture ever. She looks so bored!

Found some cookies I had apparently hid! That was

First big smiles!

Fun chill night with friends!

This is Zianna's "big sister" Alize!

And you saw how I spent my birthday HERE

First time in the Bumbo chair!

She turned TWO MONTHS!

2 month apt.


Yup. Definitely her daddy's girl!

She clenches her fists a lot.

I couldn't get this picture to turn the right
way but the point is her sock somehow
ended up above her head!

Evenings can be rough sometimes!
Any tips for fussy evenings?!
I don't get anything done ever!
Hope you all enjoy pictures of my darling baby!
Here's to October, fall and holidays to come!

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