Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

I was blog surfing the other day and came across a random blog.
For her profile she said the reason she does the blog is because she has a horrible memory and she would like to be able to remember the little things and have stories for her kids and grandkids.
I just loved that!
So I thought...
Once a week (at least) I'll have a day where I just ramble.
This is the tester to see how I like it.
But I will just ramble about everything that's on my mind.
Maybe this will help not feel so bottled in all the time. goes the very first edition of "THURSDAY'S THOUGHTS"

You know the saying, "We don't want you to take it personally."?
Well, I took it personally.

We are getting our carpet cleaned on Saturday @ 4:00 FOR FREE!

I'm so excited to have Michael's nephew over this weekend. I am crossing my fingers for good weather so we can take the puppies for a walk.

My grandma bought my dress fabric! I'm going to her house tomorrow to pick it up! And on the way home I am stopping at my cousins for a Pampered Chef party I'm pretty excited!

I'm SOOOOOO bummed I'm not going to Reba and George on Saturday! :(

Who else is obsessed with American Idol?! Is the talent this year crazy or what?!
My favorites: Lauren Alaina, Scotty, Paul, Casey, Hailey, James, Pia, and Stefano. Oh wait, that's everyone!
Except for Jacob. I like him but he's not a fave. Sorry Jacob!

Ok so the weather today was AMAZING! First Spring day of the year it seemed like! And it's about time! I so can't wait for swim suits, shorts, flip flops, sunglass, windows rolled down and walks with the pups!

If I held a coupon class, who would come?!

So there are some of my rants now here is my story for today.
We have this little room right off our kitchen that holds the fridge and microwave and the puppies stay in there. We used to have a door leaning on there so they wouldn't jump the gate but they got to the point where they wouldn't cross that line unless they were on a leash to be walked. So all we had was an old wooden gate that is falling apart! Here is exhibit A:

Well, one morning at approximately 2:15 am, I get woken up to the sound of the gate falling down and the puppies running through the kitchen. Angrily, I wake up and after MUCH effort, get them back in "their room." This is after I notice they ate the remainding Double Stuffed E.L Fudge Cookies I had! Right as I am about to fall asleep, around 3:00 am, I hear whining. Loud. Annoying. Constant. Whining. I think if I ignore it, they'll get over whatever is making them whine. But finally, Michael gets up to check things out. A few minutes later I hear the back door open and Michael hasn't come back to bed. So, I get up to see what is keeping him. Oakland is nowhere to be found. I'm freaking out because Oakland recently lost his tag in the yard and we haven't made him a new one yet. What if he got out of the yard and is wandering the neighborhood at 3 am with no tag? If someone finds him, he'll be put in the pound. Great. So we start to panic. We don't see any signs of him getting out of the yard. He's nowhere in the house. But wait. I see muddy little pawprints going down the stairs. Ah-ha! Oakland got gutsy and jumped the gate! He ran downstairs exploring and found Christmas candy! I don't think he ate any, just rumaged through it. So now I give you, Exhibit B:

We set up a folding table and pushed their food tote up against it so they couldn't move it or it wouldn't tip. What am I going to do with these cute dogs?!
And with the word CUTE I give you Exhibit C:

Raider is the one Smiling hehe.

Now I have one more thought to add for this week.
Look what I added to my hair!

For more info on these hair extensions check out Josie's facebook HERE!

So, what did you all think of my very first THURSDAY'S THOUGHTS?
Should I do it again?

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