Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have quite a few!

-paint my kitchen

The walls are currently brown and cupboard fronts are turquoise. Cute but not my color scheme. I want to paint the walls gray and the fronts red.

-Plant grass!
Oh how I hate have a dirt front/back yard!
-All in all just keep it tidy at all times.

-I don't necessarily want to lose weight just tone. Especially my arms.
Since going to the gym more and zumba more I have already noticed improvements.
-Run more. It is a good way to let my mind wander and release some of my stress. Same with just going to the gym to get out of the house.
-Walk my pups more. The exercise is good for all 3 of us.

-Decide what I want to do about my job. Stay? Quit and try to find something FULL TIME? Ask for hours in main store so I can stay?
-Care LESS what people think. I'm pretty sure I'll have this goal the rest of my life. I care WAY too much. Especially with wedding stuff I'm paranoid people are going to think my wedding is cheap looking or trashy looking. Bah!

-Obviously get things done in time and have it be the wedding of my dreams.
-Get my cake figured out.
-I know what I am doing for refreshments just need to get it ordered and such.
-Buy bridesmaids gifts.
-Print off a butt-load of pictures.
-I need tablecloths.
-Get the tables and chairs from my aunt's house but honestly that can wait till right before the wedding.
-My sister is making centerpieces.
-Ask a family member to video the wedding.
-Make a wedding playlist to have playing during the reception.
-Obviously order and send out invites.
-I honestly think I have everything figured out.

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