Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying to describe the dress of my dreams

So for QUITE A WHILE now
I have known EXACTLY how I want my dress to look.
My mom informed me that it has been her dream to make our wedding gowns.
So now I have the challenge of describing what I want
vs. finding what I want.
Think it would be better right?
I get the dress of my dreams because all I have to do is describe it.
Easier said than done.
I have said things like...
I love this neckline but want longer sleeves
I like this but want it a little fuller.
And no bow.
I love this neckline but it doesn't
have to be ALL lace...
I want this but WHITE
I figured I had painted a pretty clear picture.
But any patterns we looked at just weren't exactly what I had alway envisioned.
We finally found one that I agreed would work.
We went to the bridal gathering on Saturday and I walked in and first thing I saw was this dress...

It is exactly (minus that color of ribbon)
what I have always pictured but have failed to describe.
I love the detail.
The neckline.
The collar.
The lace.
It's just GORGEOUS.
I could see myself walking down the aisle in this dress.
Only $1,000.00
NOT in my budget!
But, my mom is going to have my aunt help her draw up a pattern to look like this dress.
Of course it won't have the detail...
or the beading...
but it will be perfect.
Cross your fingers for that.

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