Friday, January 28, 2011

Am I the only one?!

Am I the only one that when they're REALLY bored goes through all their old blog posts?
Oh you don't do that?
Yeah, me either.
Well Ok I do.
And I realized I never put pics of my kitchen up here...

Will post again once I paint!

Am I the only one that has 2 pups that are this cute?!
Yet at the same time a HUGE pain in the bum!
Am I the only one that has a heart possibly TOO big!
I'm getting a new roommate!
My dear cousin Cody just got a job in Logan and needs a place to stay until he finds an apartment up there.
Well of course I offered!
I'm excited to have some of MY family in the house!
Yet, I need a wee bit more femininity in the household!
I have...

My AMAZING fiance
His brother.
My future BIL.
My cute pups
My super fun cousin Cody
he is moving in this weekend which is also the weekend we have...
Sir Nephew!
Am I the only one that is SICK of the snow?!
Go away snow and cold!
Am I the only one that wishes I was here right now?!

Yeah, didn't think so!
Hurry summer!
(especially JUNE 11th!)

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