Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

I decided since we're pretty much poor, (I mean, who isn't these days?!)
and I have friends with weddings or birthdays,
not to mention CHRISTMAS right around the corner,
I would get crafty!
I am MAKING gifts!
I only have made one so far...
working on my second.
But here it is!

For our friends Jess & Tiff whose
wedding we are going to in
Now, here is a SNEAK PEEK at Jessie's birthday present. Well the colors of hers!

Jess and Tiff's colors were easy. Their favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens so I did purple, black and white.
Jessie's living room is turquoise and brown.
A little trickier...
But I'm happy with the pops of color I added.
Hope she is too!
And Jess, if you're reading this.
Sorry to spoil!
It will all come together I promise!

When I get back from the trip it's going to be super busy time.
I'm going to make things to hang on my ladder,
Christmas presents,
oh and I guess I should get started on planning a wedding huh?!


P.S In exactly 9 days from now, I will be in MEXICO!!!

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