Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I know you all think I'm crazy...

This year I am just REFUSING to let go of Summer!
I LOVE fall, but not as much as I love Summer!
This summer seemed to go by FAR too quick!
So although my new background is beach party theme,
I tried to pick one with fallish colors.
Happy medium?!

I'm not really feeling the decorating this year...
Which is weird, cuz I grew up in a house with a decorating FANATIC!!!
I mean, EVERY holiday has decorations at her house.
But here is what I DID do...

Halloween Garland

Yes my house is the one with the
lit up pumpkin hanging in the window.

The picture on my left is my favorite.

Brenda gave this
to me last year.
Cute huh?!

HAPPY FALL...yay...

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