Monday, October 4, 2010

10 things I love about...

  1. I love that we have so many similar interests.
  2. I love her honesty. As blunt as she is.
  3. I love how talented she is. Especially in art. I'm so jealous.
  4. I also love that she always gives art as gifts. It's so perfect every time.
  5. I just love her sense of humor.
  6. As annoying as it can be I love how she quotes movies. How can she remember all those?!
  7. She is so smart.
  8. I love that when we are together, there is never a silent moment.
  9. Even though I call her a birthday stealer, I love that we share that.
  10. I love how good of a friend she is to me. She doesn't have to be.

This is in honor of her (our) birthday!

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