Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time to catch up!

I realize it's been a while since my last post!
Truth is, I haven't had a single thing to blog about!
I did get a new phone as you probably know so I will just update with a few new pics!

Taking a break from Peach Days, this is how
he eats a casodilla

I got some great feather earrings @ Peach Days!
Greatest nephew ever!
My phone takes panoramic pics.
This is the Gleed family celebrating my
Grandpa's b-day BBQ style!
We got a new gate for the puppy room!
It's great because it's too tall for them to
jump and it opens like a gate so I don't
have to climb over it! Love it!
Michael's grandpa found this great puppy
costume. He put it right on and had a great
time pretending he was a real puppy!
His name..."Doggie"
(This was last weekend when they beat the Jets)
Kate got me this sweet Mt. Dew shirt for
my birthday!
Love it! Love her!

My phone has a camera on front and back and
he thought it was great he could push the button
and see himself!

BC Temple
Baby Laura with mashed potatoes all over
This is how Michael watches football...
especially when it's intense.
Found this pic of my grandparen't @ their
house and I thought it was sooo cute!

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