Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sick Day

Yesterday I was sick but was luckily able to have the day off to rest and today I am feeling much much better!
Today I also had the day off like I do most Tuesdays.
And because I was feeling much better I decided to do something I don't normally do.
I like to stay organized but usually once I get that way, I stay that way.
But, today I made some changes!
And, I'm glad!
I feel much more clutter-free and isn't that just a great feeling!?
As you know, I have been getting into couponing.
I am not a crazy fanatic that spends 20 hours a week (at least!) cutting and shopping.
But if I find I great deal, I jump on it!
And because of that, I have a little bit of a stock pile that I am very proud of!
I had it upstairs in the closet on one shelf as seen here:

But as you can see, I have very little well NO room left on that shelf.
I also have a fantastic closet downstairs that looks like this:

Well the truth is I don't let anybody see inside of that closet because it has been packed so full of stuff if you open the door, it falls out on you.
I'm sure you can see where this story is going.
I cleaned out and organized this closet!
Now I have room for all of my gift wrapping supplies, scrapbook and craft supplies, and my beloved stock pile!
Take a look!

This is definitely a "TA-DA!" moment

Scrapbook/Craft Supplies
Gift Bags
More Scrapbook/Craft Supplies
And the stock pile!

Happy Cleaning Day!
I'm off now, to Zumba!

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