Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Reunion 7-31-10

Every year we have a family reunion for my grandma Gleed's side of the family. The Young's. I can always recognize everyone but I never know them by name. This year my mom, dad, and my dad's siblings helped plan. We played minute to win it games, had an auction, a great lunch, and a raffle. We had a lot of fun!

One of the games was to stack all of these cups in 1 minute. Jordan did it and I was able to snap a picture right before it tipped over.

Another game was the tire throw. This guy made it through first try and after not throwing a football for over 20 years!

For this one, you had to build this tower in under a minute. This is my work p.s.

We had a raffle...
and items to auction.
My uncle Kent made a very good auctioneer.

Then came the ugly hat contest...
My grandpa...

My great aunt...

My cousin Adrie...

but the winner is...

Once things started winding down we swung on the rope my dad used for the football throw game.

Now...please enjoy these videos of some of the games.
For this one, you had to shake all the ping pong balls out of the box in under a minute. Way to go Kasey!

For this one you had one minute to get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth with only your facial muscles.

And this is Jamie cheated at the getting the ping pong balls out of the box game.

Until next year!

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