Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Kids

Our puppies are our kids and we love them sooo much! They are a year old now (well, in July, I'm slow) but they still act like puppies! I kind of think they will forever, but I'm kind of ok with that. Let me give you a little update on me and dogs. I have never really been a fan only because I'm allergic. However, Michael has pretty much had a dog his whole life so when we moved into our first house and couldn't have pets I think it bummed him out a little bit. Which is why as soon as we decided we were going to buy a house, we also decided we were going to get puppies too. He really wanted 2 so that they had each other to play with. I had a friend at work who's roommate's dog was having puppies. They were labs which was perfect for Michael. We reserved 2 of them and had them named that same day. Oakland and Raider. We had to wait until they were 8 weeks old to take them home, so that their mom could potty train them. I'm glad we did wait because they only had one or two accidents when they first moved in. They were really good at waiting until they were outside to go. I'm sure you are all wondering about how I could let Michael get 2 dogs when I'm allergic, well, I love him of course. He really wanted dogs and they are outside during the day and in the kitchen at night. So, I'm not around them enough to really be bothered by the hair. I also have been taking Zyrtec when it gets really bad. However, I absolutely LOVE these guys. They are so much fun and have such distinct personalities, I really wish I could be around them a lot and even let them come inside. So, I'm asking for allergy advice. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could take that would allow me to play with my pups?! Thanks in advance.

Here's more about the little (well big now) guys...

OAKLAND: We believe Oakland to be the instigator. When they would escape from the yard, Oakland would be the first to discover it and Raider would follow. Oakland is also the troublemaker. He is the one that barks for no reason. He'll go out side and bark at the door probably just to hear the sound of his bark. We also believe Oakland to be the smart one. We have a doggie door in our kitchen and even when we put the cover down, he found out to lift it with his nose and get out. So much for locking him in when he barks too much. We also had a bark collar on him at one point and he figured what was hurting him and learned to bark through the pain because eventually the batteries die. Then of course, when we take it off of him to replace the batteries, he gets a hold of it and chews it into nothing. Oakland is Michael's buddy. He only sits for him unless I have a bribe such as food. When we walk them he is always by Michael's side. He is however kind of lazy when it comes to walks. He walks at a nice slow pace excepts on the way home, Michael practically has to drag him home.

RAIDER: Raider is the good one. Most of the time. He is the jumper. He loves to be up in your face because he always wants to play. He is also the hyper one. When we take them on walks, he drags me. One time, we took them to the new baseball fields and he drug me the whole way there, played fetch the whole time running at full speed, and then he dragged me home. I wish he would share his energy with Oakland sometimes. Raider never barks. Well, he has a few times when he saw a cat, but other than that, he will lay by the door and roll his eyes at Oakland for barking like a crazy. Raider is my buddy. He listens well to me, usually, and when we walk him he walks with me. One time when they were small, they had gotten in a pretty nasty fight outside and one had a bloody ear. Michael was cleaning him up and I was holding the other but neither of them would sit still. Turns out it was because Raider was the one with the bloody ear and he wanted me. Oakland was the one I was holding and he wanted Michael.

We sure love these guys as if they're our kids! Well, they are! Unfortunately all the pictures I had of them when they were super small, were on my laptop and that got stolen, so here is them a few months after we got them...
Raider is on the left with me, he has a bigger patch of white on his chest and has a longer nose. Oakland is on the right with Michael, he is a small white patch and is a bit smaller, for now. He has huge paws.

This picture I took just a few days ago. Can you believe I used to have a picture of them looking through the gate instead of over it. Oakland is on the left and Raider is on the right.


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