Friday, July 30, 2010

@mom's school!

My mom is moving schools this year and I volunteered to help her unpack. I am so glad I went. I needed a day out of my house. And I had a blast with my sister!

my mom's new room

OK, this is her new 'smart board' She can project her computer screen on this board then touch the board where she would normally click with a mouse. Make sense? Basically it's like a giant touch-screen computer. Cool right?! Yeah well, I didn't even get to play with it, it wasn't up and workin yet. :(

I don't know who let her get ahold of this but it got annoying! However, everytime we asked hr to KNOCK IT OFF, she would say..and I quote, "But, I'm on a roll!"

My FINE labelling skills were put to work!

This is her carpet. Made of recycled rubber.

I am flat footed and can see over the bathroom stall!

Love her face!

Sorry for the blur my camera was on night setting somehow.
Anways, xoxoAneciaG

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