Sunday, August 15, 2010

Salem Days 2010

Every year my mom home's town has a celebration. They have breakfast and a parade in the morning. Booths at the baseball parks during the day. Then that night, a dinner, show and THE best fireworks around. It was so much fun this year and I am so glad I didn't have to work so I could go!

This parade gives out more than just candy. I made out like a bandit with a toothbrush, a banana, a plant and a stress ball. (Plus candy.) Although I had to tackle Katie for the toothbrush and Jamie for the stress ball. It was worth the battle.

Parade quote of the day, "Stand in respect for the John Deers." -my dad He wants one soooo bad.

At the booths they hae these awesome curlers that you put in with wet hair then blow dry so that your hair dries in the curl. It turns out waaay cute but I don't have an after pic for some reason.

We were also celebrating TWO birthdays that day. My aunt Joi Lynn who will be 50 this Thursday the 19th, and Cody who will be 21 on Monday the 16th!

All of Salem waiting for the show to start.

After the show, were fireworks. The best firework show around. They have so many going off at a time, you don't know where to look. There were heart shaped ones, sparkly ones and BIG ones. It was sooo fun! I took pictures but we've all seen fireworks before so they aren't anything real special. That was our Saturday and it was a blast! I'm so glad I went!

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