Monday, July 12, 2010



It has been an incredibly long time since I have been to Lagoon! This time, we were lucky enough to have Michael's parents get us tickets so we could go with them and Jess & Tiff. We had a blast! We didn't go down till about 3:30 because Michael had a basketball game, but everyone was down there waiting for us. We started off the hot afternoon in an hour long line for the Rattlesnake Rapids. But it was worth it! We stayed cool pretty much the rest of the day! We then headed over to the North end of the park and hopped on the Rocket. Well, Michael, Mike (his dad) and I did. Everyone else was a little too chicken. Oh well because they took some great pictures of us! After the Rocket Michael, Tiff and Jesse went on the Samarai. (I'm a little chicken of that one.) They seemed to love it! Although Jesse and Michael complained it was painfull if you know what I mean. Tiffane thought it was pretty hilarious though! After that we hit the Jet Star, the Tilt-o-whirl (which we got to go on twice in a row because Michael's dad was in a wheelchair) and the Scrambler! Michael started feeling a little queezy at the tilt-o-whirl so we sat down to get a bite to eat to see if that didn't. I think the sun and the spinning got to him, so we went down to the white roller coaster and he sat out while Mike, Jess, Tiff and I rode. That one never gets old to me! Although, I think it could use a paint job... Anyways after that ride we focused on the games. Michael won me a teddy bear at the basketball game, then won his mom one too! His dad had fun with a few of the other games but didn't come out with any prizes. At this point it was getting pretty late so we headed out. (That's what we get for going down so late, we didn't ride the best rides! The music one, the Colossus, Wicked, the Spider and best of all the Farris Wheel! :( :( :( we are HOPING we get to use our bouncebacks and ride all the rides we didn't get the chance to this time) We all still had a blast!
Tiffane came off the ride laughing. I guess she thought the boys' pain was funny hahaha I would have too!
I got a picture of Michael after the ride and right before he crouched in pain. tee hee

I just can't wait to go again!

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