Tuesday, May 11, 2010


First of all, let me apologize for the lack of pictures. I am still without a camera for a few more weeks.
Mother's Day was a busy one this year. We started off the day with Michael's mom, Marie. First we picked her up and took her to Wal-Mart to get flowers for Michael's grandma. We then surprised her by letting her pick someone out for herself. After Wal-Mart we went to the cemetary to visit Michael's grandma. In March she passed away. This was the first Mother's Day without her. It was the first time Michael and I had gone to visit her there and what better day than Mother's Day? We stayed there for a few minutes and then Michael went to find his great grandma. After that, we wandered for a little bit. Finding people we knew. I really wanted to find my good friend Stephanie. This would have been her first Mother's Day as a mom. How tragic that she didn't get that. Michael found her for me so I took a minute at hers. I miss her.
I have to say, going to the cemetary made me feel a little selfish. I have my mom and both of my grandma's around. I am so blessed.
After the cemetary we let Marie choose where she wanted to go to lunch and we went to the new chinese buffet here in town.
After we ate, Michael and I dropped Marie off and headed to Wal-Mart. We got my mom flowers, my mom's gift, and his mom flowers. We took Marie's flowers to her then headed home to change. It was warmer then we thought so Michael wanted to change into shorts and I wanted to change into a short-sleeve shirt. We then went to my mom's house. They had just finished eating so we had about a half hour before they wanted to head to Logan. Michael and my dad played some basketball for a few minutes and when my dad got tired I took his place. After maybe a half hour of playing ball it was time to head to my grandma's in Logan. I love visiting my grandma's in Logan and I wish I could do it more. Same with my grandma in Salem. I wish I had a car that could drive out of Brigham City... Anyways, we always enjoy visiting with them and they had sandwiches and brownies for us. She also had some strawberries that she had just bought and they were the most delicious strawberries I had ever tasted. They were so sweet and I enjoyed them so much she let me take them home. When we were done visiting we headed home. It had felt like such a long day when we got home we took a nap while watching the Yankees game. It's a good thing we fell asleep too because they got trumped.
All in all it was a great Mother's Day and I am so glad we had the opportunity to spend it with both my mom and his.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there I hope it was a good one!

"A mother holds her children's hands for a little while, their hearts forever."

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