Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Things I love about...


  1. I love the fact that my mom is not afraid to tell me what she thinks. Even though she knows it might hurt a little bit.
  2. She is easy to talk to. I tell her [almost] everything.
  3. She gives great advice.
  4. I love her cooking skills! Sometimes I miss some of those meals.
  5. I can call her at any time with a dilemma and she can 99.9% of the time talk me through it or help me with it.
  6. She is extremely smart.
  7. She is not a quitter, and can do ANYTHING she wants by putting her mind to it.
  8. I love the love her and my dad have for each other.
  9. She is world's best support system. She always helped me with cheer, and choir. Going on trips as often as she could.
  10. Her work ethic and energy. I only hope that with my kids I can get them all up and ready for school then go to work, come home and make an amazing dinner for my family. All with no complaints.
Mother's Day is only a couple of days away and this is a dedication to my mom for Mother's Day. Love you!

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