Thursday, January 16, 2014


In honor of my 2014 goals and trying to keep the blog up to date, here are some moments from Z's very first Thanksgiving!
Unfortunately Michael had to work so I went down to my grandma's house with my family.

Here are some snapshots from the day!

The long drive to my Grandma's.
It was so nice to have someone
else drive and just sit by my
baby the whole way!

We took a minute before dinner to go
see the Payson temple. It was a
gorgeous day and such a gorgeous

Of course she napped

And this would be her "who
woke me up?!" face

Trying to get a good pic
of her outfit.

I just love this picture of Z and my grandma!

Playing patty cake with aunt Joi Lyn!

And of course we had to stop by to see Grandpa and put
a fall wreath out.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

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