Thursday, January 23, 2014


Christmas is so much more fun with a little one!
Even though she is only 5 months old, and doesn't really understand what is going on, it was still so much more fun this year!
It was more fun to go shopping for her, help her open presents, watch what made her get excited, and play with all her new toys with her.
Let's start off with some snapshots of Christmas Eve!

Went for a walk delivering
neighbor treats in my mom's
She sure loves walks! Even
in the cold!
Christmas Day:
We had a great day but like always it was a busy one!
We started the day off at my parents watching everyone opening gifts and eating breakfast.
The jammies she got from my
mom on Christmas Eve!

Sorry for the blur!

Reading her new Frozen book
with Aunt Jamie


Playing in the new walker her Nana and Papa got her!
After my parent's, we went to Michael's parent's to open gifts there!

She loves the toy from Grandma and Grandpa Jensen!
It rolls and lights up and makes noises.
Once we were done here, we hit the road again this time heading to my grandparent's house in Logan!
This is what we did there...

And taught my Grandpa how to
take selfies!
That's all the pictures from Christmas Day but the day after Christmas was just as fun!
Michael had to work so I went with my mom and Katelyn down to my Grandma's house in Salem to visit with her!
I was showing her how much Zianna likes selfies!

She slept the ENTIRE way home! We even stopped at
Gardner Village to see all the elves and she slept through
all of that!
Christmas was so fun this year!
I can't wait for years to come with this crazy girl!

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