Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I really enjoy doing these photo challenges! 
I didn't do all of April but mostly!
One of these months I'll get every single one!

1: Your Reflection
2: Colour
3: Mail
This was a Tuesday and usually I love
mail on Tuesdays because that's when we
get coupons but this week there weren't
any good ones.
4: Someone Who Makes You Happy
My Husband!
5: Tiny
I am so sick of these Tiny bugs all over my house!
6: Lunch
7: Shadow
8: Inside Your Wallet
9: Younger You
10: Cold
11: Where You Ate Breakfast
Right in front of the TV. Just like
every other meal.
12: Stairs
13: Something You Found
14: How You Feel Today
I always feel great when I get to hang out
with great people!
15: Sunset. Oops forgot to take a picture of one.

16: Flower
17: Something You Don't Like
Being in bed so early
18: Hair
Nothin too special about mine this day
19: Orange
Don't like it when people say my hair
color is orange. It's not.
20: Something You Drew...I can't draw...

21: Bottle
Love this water bottle
22: Last Thing You Bought
Mt. Dew...of course
23: Vegetable
24: Something You're Grateful For
Puppies, Husband and Home...just to
name a few
25: Looking Down
Looking down listening to Lee Brice
while walking the track with my mom and
26: Black And White
My cute puppies again!
27: Somewhere You Went
My mom's house. Love goin there.
28: 1pm
No, we did not take a nap at 1pm but
we were babysitting at 1pm and this
is what happened as soon as he left!
29: Circle. Missed another one. Shoot.

30: Something That Makes You Sad
When my Snickers is all gone.
Check out HOUSE OF SMITH'S for their April photo link party!
I linked mine!

Stay tuned for #photoadaymay
I plan on doing them all!
(but we'll see)


  1. Dropping by from House Of Smiths and I have to say you have such a cute blog! Love your April Photos, but your comments (especially when you missed one) cracked me up. Have fun in May!


    1. Thanks! We'll see if I actually do every single day like the plan is!

  2. oh I love your photos! cute blog too!!

  3. Great photos! I get my coupons on Tuesdays too! :)

    1. Always disappointing when they don't show up! Thanks for the comment!