Monday, March 26, 2012


Hope you all enjoyed music Monday!
Now here's an update on me as seen through my camera phone:

I attempted silk for a minute at Girl's Day Out at the Peak and I enjoyed it sooo much! I am going to a beginner's clinic at the Peak on Saturday the 31st and I am so excited! (MUCH harder than it looks)

We went to a Jazz game!
It's been FOREVER since I've been to one and my parents got Michael tickets for his birthday.
We went on March 17th and THEY WON!
My mom swears her shirt is a lucky charm. (I know they lost last night but that's because she didn't put her shirt on until the second half. She's the reason they came back from being down by 15. But she didn't wear it the whole game so the luck isn't the same.)

Tried new recipes I found on Pinterest.
Gotta love Pinterest!

March Craft
He's my favorite!

Heck YES we went to the Hunger Games midnight show!
And it was sooooooo good!

Can you believe this little monster is 5?!?!
Neither can I.
For his birthday Tony, Michael and I took him to eat at Del Taco then went and goofed around at the mall for a little bit.
Then we picked Kaci up from work, went to WalMart so he could pick out a present then took him to Nickelcade! It was a freakin blast!

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